The Best Family Vacations are Free!

    The best family vacations are indeed free. And my family takes one every Saturday Night. Sometimes we’re chasing clues and fighting the eldritch horrors stalking the streets of 1920’s Arkham in Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror, while at other times we’re flying over the streets of Chicago, protecting it from super villains as our bug themed super hero group The Colony in the TSR classic Marvel Super Heroes: The Role-playing Game. Sometimes we’re deep in the Skaven infested dungeons of Games Workshop’s Warhammer Quest. At other times we can be found in one of the many role playing game worlds of Steve Jackson’s G.U.R.P.S. game system. There are times when we’re doing every thing we can just to survive the apocalypse in Twilight Games’ Zombies!!! The Card Game or Looney Lab’s Zombie Fluxx. We might be competing against each other to reach Level 10 in Munchkin Legends or Munchkin Cthulhu or trying desperately build a town in the forgotten gem Groo: The Game. We might even be playing my personal favorite Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu or one of the many other games in my daughter’s games cabinet.

We play a lot of tabletop games and we play them every Saturday night. We break out the snacks and gather around the game table to work off a week’s stress by living and laughing our way through adventures that didn’t actually happen and yet feel as real as if they did. We take the best family vacations ever. And over the years many other people have joined us on our vacations, other family members and friends. Some returned and became regular vacationers. Some went on to form their own gaming groups, but nearly everyone of them got up from their first session and said, “I wish my family did things like this.”

That never fails to give me a smile.

Us gamer nerds draw a lot of raised eyebrows for our hobby, but we know something that “they” don’t. Everyone loves to play games and tabletop games are a lot of fun, a great way to form bonds and escape from the workaday stresses of life. Maybe you already know this. Maybe you’re curious about the wonderful world of tabletop games. Either way hang around a while. You might find something you like. We’ll be here, posting game recaps, showcasing games and discussing what we know: games, games and more games.

Hope to see you soon.

First Edition Dad



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