The Passing of the Lantern

The lantern held aloft in the hand of the dwarf cast its wavering yellow light on the age worn stones of the dungeon cell. It left too much of the room in deep shadows though. The thickly armored warrior eyed those shadows with hard flinty eyes. He looked to his companions—a lithe pit fighter, a bow armed elf and staff wielding human wizard. They nodded to him. He hefted his treasured runic ax and stalked into the dank dungeon cell.


The cry came from the wizard but the dwarf was already aware of the threat by the time the word flew from the mage’s lips.

A screaming rat man had burst from the shadows with a rusty, chipped sword raised high. The red eyes of the rat man were focused on the dwarf.

The stocky dwarf warrior was ready for him though. He let out his own shout of battle glee and swung his weapon. The blow was true. The rat man’s life was forfeit.

But a stern female voice pierced the gloom of the dungeon and stayed the scene.

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Warhammer Quest: Dungeon Crawling Tabletop Excellence


Way back when I had my own gaming store one of my old gamer buddies asked me to order him a copy of a new game he wanted to play with his family. They had been playing Milton Bradley’s Heroquest, a copy of which he had picked up at his local Wal-Mart. I had played it with him a couple of times and enjoyed it. The game play was smooth and innovative and the miniatures were eye catching. The mechanics of the game board that was partially obscured differently at each session to simulate a different dungeon was unusual and a bit confining though. Still it was a good game even if the PC’s were the stereotypically bland quartet of elf, dwarf, wizard and obligatory barbarian.

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