Warhammer Quest: Dungeon Crawling Tabletop Excellence


Way back when I had my own gaming store one of my old gamer buddies asked me to order him a copy of a new game he wanted to play with his family. They had been playing Milton Bradley’s Heroquest, a copy of which he had picked up at his local Wal-Mart. I had played it with him a couple of times and enjoyed it. The game play was smooth and innovative and the miniatures were eye catching. The mechanics of the game board that was partially obscured differently at each session to simulate a different dungeon was unusual and a bit confining though. Still it was a good game even if the PC’s were the stereotypically bland quartet of elf, dwarf, wizard and obligatory barbarian.

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A Find as Rare As Mi-Go Minerals in the Himalayas!

Given that there is a copy of the true elder sign emblazoned on the symbol for this web page you may surmise that we are fans of games based on the highly original and imaginative writings and dark philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft; and you would be right.

In an earlier post I detailed our disastrous first attempt at playing Call of Cthulhu and I have a post upcoming on both editions of Arkham Horror(1987 and 2005), both of which I am fortunate enough to own. Today though I want to talk about 1996’s Mythos, Chaosium’s collectible card game.

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Local Man Dies under Mysterious Circumstances!

Local Man Dies under Mysterious Circumstances!

One man arrested. Another fled and sought by authorities.

Asylum alienist questioned!

   That was the headline of the Arkham Advertiser that day after my group’s first Call of Cthulhu game session.

It was not an auspicious start to what I was hoping was going to be a long campaign in Chaosium’s Lovecraftian universe.

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Tribute to D&D

Dungeons and Dragons is the Greatest Game Ever!


RPG gamers love to argue about which game system is the best and I am gamer. In my long career at the game table I’ve played many of them, from original D&D to White Wolf’s very engrossing storytelling system and beyond and I will argue night and day that Steve Jackson’s Generic Universal Role Playing System is the best thing to happen to our hobby. It’s skill based mechanics make for effective but balanced characters and realistic situations rife for dramatic role playing opportunities. It is the game system for which I left D&D over two decades ago.


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